Committed to Office Cleanliness & Patient Safety

During the Covid-19 pandemic – but also at all other times – we understand that our clients are concerned about their health and safety at the dentist. At Cedar Spring Family Dentistry in Spartanburg, we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our staff and our clients. That’s why we take cleaning and sanitation seriously, every day of the year.

SimplySterile Certified

Cedar Spring contracts with local company SimplySterile, a local company that comes to our office to professionally clean and disinfect all surfaces. They use EPA-approved solutions that kill 99.9% virus, bacteria and germs, without leaving behind a chemical residue.

The offices at Cedar Spring Family Dentistry are SimplySterile Certified, which means we have committed to regular, ongoing cleaning and disinfection services.

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Cedar Spring Family Dentistry has built a reputation for treating everyone like a member of our family. We also use the latest technology to make your visits and procedures as comfortable as possible.

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Our three dentists and our team of certified hygienists, assistants and office staff collectively create a practice that you can trust and depend on. The only thing that matches our experience is our expertise.

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Need a new Spartanburg dentist? We make getting joining our office easy. From appointment availability to insurance to payment plans to your actual care, our entire team is here to remove barriers to the great care you deserve.

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