Our Approach

Over the past 40 years, Cedar Spring Family Dentistry has cultivated a warm, family atmosphere in our Spartanburg, SC dental office. That’s why many of our patients have been with us since we opened, and for many others, we are the only dental care home they have ever known.

As part of our effort to treat you like a family member, we strive to make you as comfortable and at ease as possible. We know going to the dentist is not everyone’s favorite thing to do. So we use a number of technological advancements to make treatment and procedures much quicker and more comfortable.

This starts with a thorough consultation with either Dr. RichardsDr. Birch or Dr. Oldham. These three well-respected dentists in Spartanburg will review your current oral health and talk with you about any concerns you currently have. They will carefully explain their diagnosis, and your options, and work with you to design a personalized care and treatment plan.

Above all, our team will treat you like we would want to be treated. In the process, you will receive expert dental care that will address any issues, eliminate problems, and improve your appearance and smile.

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A Dental Office, Built for You

In 2018, Cedar Spring Family Dentistry constructed a brand new, state-of-the-art dental facility on Cedar Springs Road in Spartanburg to better serve you, our patients. We're now "the Cedar Spring dentist on Cedar Springs Road." The office offers a focus on comfort and technology. Watch this time-lapse video of the construction, then come see our office for yourself.

With a team like this, we can't help but be proud



Our three dentists and our team of certified hygienists, assistants and office staff collectively create a practice that you can trust and depend on. The only thing that matches our experience is our expertise.

Welcome to your new dental home!

Need a new Spartanburg dentist? We make getting joining our office easy. From appointment availability to insurance to payment plans to your actual care, our entire team is here to remove barriers to the great care you deserve.

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