Accepted Dental Insurance Companies

Cedar Spring Family Dentistry in Spartanburg, SC, is happy to accept patients with and without insurance. We accept the insurance companies listed below, as well as many others, so feel free to call our office if you have questions about insurance. Uninsured patients may want to consider joining the Cedar Spring Dental Group - a health savings program.

Please note: We do not accept Medicaid.

Accepted Insurance Companies (not a complete listing):

Aetna Always Care Ameritas
Blue Cross Blue Shield Cigna Companion
Delta Dental Premier Guardian Healthscope
Humana MetLife Principal
Security Life Sunlife United Healthcare


Dental Insurance Frequently Asked Questions:

At Cedar Spring Family Dentistry, we understand that dental insurance can often seem complicated. We’re here to help!

Here you’ll find answers to some of your common dental insurance questions.

  • Does my plan cover two cleanings per year?

    Most dental plans will cover two cleanings per year (either once every 6 months or anytime twice a year), as long as they are deemed “reasonable and customary.”

    However, if your visit falls outside of this range, then they may cover only a small percentage of your visit, and you would pay for the balance of the visit.

  • Does my dental insurance pay for all procedures outlined in the plan?

    Dental policies have an annual maximum for dental payments. If you have enough of that maximum left over for the year, then your insurance company will pay. If it doesn’t, then only what is remaining will be paid.

  • Does CSFD accept Medicaid?

    No, we do not currently accept Medicaid insurance.

  • What if I have an emergency, will my dental plan cover the unexpected?

    Traditional medical plans are designed to protect you from large, unexpected health expenses, but dental plans do not work this way. Their main purpose is to serve as a yearly coupon towards specifically-outlined dental care expenses.

    Once you have exceeded your limits for these expenses, then your coverage ends for that period of time.

  • Do I have to only see a dentist in my dental network?

    • Non-network policy: this allows you to go to the provider of your choice. Your dental plan pays the same amount whether the dentist is in or out of network.
    • PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) policy: with this plan, you can go to the dentist of your choice, but you may have to pay some additional out-of-pocket expenses if you decide to go to a dentist outside of your network.
    • DMO (Dental Maintenance Organization): this is a company that contracts with specific dentists. In this plan, you are required to visit only that office.

    *Quick Tip: To find out specifically what kind of policy that you have, call the 800 number on your card and ask these questions:

    • Will my dental policy allow me to go to any provider I choose?
    • Is there any kind of penalty for going out of network? If so, how much is that penalty?
  • “Use it or lose it?"

    Unlike your HSA (Health Savings Account), dental insurance often has a “use it or lose it” policy. This means that if you fail to use your benefit maximum in a year, then that amount doesn’t roll over to the next, or future, years.

  • Should I purchase dental insurance?

    If your employer offers dental insurance plans, they tend to be more affordable than individual plans. Employers can help you save money on these plans by navigating the details of the plan, as well as covering the premium costs.

    However, if you are willing to do your homework, you may be able to find a good, affordable insurance plan on your own. One thing to keep in mind when looking: at the end of the day, the insurance company is looking to benefit too, so ask specific questions before you decide to commit to a plan.

  • How long do I have to wait for my benefits?

    When you purchase a plan, often it’s not clear how long you would have to wait to receive your benefits. This is another important question to make sure that you ask the dental insurance company.

    Even if you are continuing to pay your premiums, sometimes you might have to wait anywhere from six months to two years before the dental insurance company pays for treatments.

  • What are the monthly premiums vs. total benefits paid per year?

    A good rule of thumb is take your monthly premiums and multiply them times 12. If this number is more than your expected cost of dental treatments for the year, then you may be paying more for dental insurance than is necessary.

    Additionally, if you have healthy teeth and visit the dentist every 6 months for hygiene visits (vs. more extensive treatments), this is another case where you might be paying more that you need to.

    However, if you know that you may need more extensive treatments, dental insurance could serve as a “health savings plan” to pay for the treatment.

  • Cedar Spring Dental Plan

    Don’t have dental insurance benefits?

    We have a wonderful program called the Cedar Spring Dental Group plan. It’s an alternative option for our patients that works like a health savings plan (vs. a dental insurance plan.) You choose the plan that works best for you, and for one flat annual fee, you’ll receive a variety of dental benefits throughout the year. This blog shares more information about this convenient program.

    Contact Us To Sign Up

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