No Dental Benefits? We Have a Solution: Cedar Spring Dental Group

No Dental Benefits? We Have a Solution: Cedar Spring Dental Group

August 24th, 2020

People often avoid the dentist because they do not have dental benefits. We offer an alternative option for our patients. The Cedar Spring Dental Group is designed to benefit patients without dental insurance coverage. With this health savings program, patients receive the quality dental care they deserve.

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Dental Plan

For one yearly fee, patients receive a wide variety of dental benefits throughout the year. The Cedar Spring Dental Group’s flat annual fee includes all of the following services:

  • *Routine dental cleanings (2x/year)
  • *Routine dental exams
  • *Oral cancer screenings
  • *Diagnostic x-rays (BWX & PA’s)
  • *Panoramic x-rays (recommended once every 3 years) *All emergency or limited exams
  • *Fluoride treatment
  • *20% discount on all other services

The cost of these services alone totals OVER $800. However, members of the Cedar Spring Dental Group benefit from these services for an annual fee of only $395 (18 years of age and older) or $300 (17 years and younger). The benefit period is for one (1) year from the date of the initial purchase of enrollment into the Cedar Spring Dental Group Plan.

Periodontal Plan

We also now offer a Cedar Spring Periodontal Group Plan. This is the plan you would choose for periodontal therapy or periodontal maintenance. The periodontal plan includes an added benefit of three (3) routine periodontal cleanings. Patients with untreated periodontal disease would also receive 20% discount on periodontal therapy (scaling and root planning).

Enroll today, and receive NO MAXIMUM on discounted services, NO WAITING PERIOD as the plan is effective immediately, and NO EXCLUSIONS (insurance companies have tactics to deny coverage, but our plan does not).

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