Teeth Whitening Treatments in Spartanburg

There are plenty of reasons to want a whiter smile. Whether you have years of stains, injuries, old dental work, or just naturally off-color teeth, we offer simple treatments, delivered in the office or to take home, to help you get a whiter smile.

Whiter teeth help you look healthier and younger – and may even lead you to smile more! You deserve the confidence boost that comes with having a brighter, whiter smile.

Teeth whitening at home or in the office, for patients or visitors

At Cedar Spring Family Dentistry, we offer a variety of options to whiten your teeth. When you come in for a dental appointment, our dentist will review your smile and discuss your needs and budget to help you choose the teeth whitening treatment that is best for you.

All of our teeth-whitening options are dentist-approved, safe and effective. Read below to find the product that best suits your needs, then visit our office in Spartanburg, SC, to learn more and purchase your system.

Sheer White

For basic at-home whitening, we offer boxes of Sheer White whitening films. Each box contains 10 films (5 for upper teeth, 5 for lower) that you apply daily. After 5 applications, you’ll have a bright, long-lasting smile. Enjoy whiter teeth in just 5 days with this simple at-home process.




  • Nearly invisible, the films mold to your teeth
  • You can talk, drink or be active while using
  • Wear the strips for 1-2 hours/day



Give your smile the professional whitening touch in the comfort of your home with LumiSmile White! This take-home whitening system provides professional-strength whitening at a value price. With results in just 1-2 weeks, you’ll wow friends and family with your beautiful smile. Ask our team about the benefits of LumiSmile White! 


  • Maximum results with minimum sensitivity
  • LumiSmile White Take Home, custom trays with 6 syringes of 22% gel


  • LumiSmile White Take Home, custom trays with 6 syringes of 32% gel

Make an appointment today at our Spartanburg dentist office to talk with our dentists about the best, most effective teeth-whitening treatment for you. Don’t delay in making a small change that can make a big difference in how you look and feel.

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