Composite vs. Ceramic Cosmetic Restoration

Composite vs. Ceramic Cosmetic Restoration

By Amy Birch, DMD

July 6th, 2022

"Why do I need a crown? Can’t I just get a filling?” This is a great question that we often hear patients ask at Cedar Spring Family Dentistry.

Teeth are typically damaged from decay, fractures from normal use, and even trauma. The amount of healthy tooth structure in your mouth, as well as how it functions are factors that guide our dental team on the decision to prescribe a composite filling or a crown.

What is a composite filling? This procedure is a wonderful option to replace any tooth structure that has been damaged by decay, or a minor chipped tooth. However, there must be enough healthy tooth structure remaining to retain the composite filling and allow for normal chewing.

Now, when would you need a dental crown? This procedure is prescribed for teeth that need more coverage due to extensive damage to the tooth structure. A dental crown allows you to protect the remaining tooth structure so you can continue to chew normally with your tooth. Crown materials are very strong and aesthetic. And in most cases can be fabricated by our lab and delivered the day of treatment. Just like your natural teeth they must be cared for with daily brushing, flossing and a healthy diet.

Whether your tooth needs a filling or a crown, both are great options to restore your tooth back to chewing condition!

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