Your Child’s First Happy Visit

Your Child’s First Happy Visit

July 16th, 2020

At Cedar Spring Family Dentistry, a question we often receive from parents and grandparents is, “At what age should I bring my son or daughter in for their first visit to the dentist?”

Just like a lot of other questions having to do with children, there is no right answer on this. What we do know is the best range for children to begin is under 4 years of age. Teeth normally begin coming in around 6-12 months. When you think about it in these terms, the only people who have looked at your child’s teeth are usually Mom, Dad & possibly the pediatrician. It’s time to have those teeth checked to be certain they are coming in properly, being brushed regularly, and have no areas of decay. 

The things to consider when scheduling your child’s first visit are homecare (brushing and flossing), diet, age and discoloration on the teeth or missing teeth. Our team at Cedar Spring offers a “Free Happy Visit” for children 4 and under. This visit gives your child the opportunity to become familiar with the dental environment. Remember this is a new experience for your child, and most likely one that is outside of their comfort zone. We take time to get to know your child based on his/her level of maturity. Some children are comfortable enough to let us complete a cleaning and others may only meet us, and take a ride in the chair. That is just fine too! With each visit, our goal is to make progress, and let your child be the individual they are. 

So bring your child into Cedar Spring Family Dentistry for their very own “Happy Visit.” This one visit can set your child up for lifelong success with dental health. Call our office to schedule a visit!

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