Achieving Straighter Teeth with Suresmile

Achieving Straighter Teeth with Suresmile

October 1st, 2021

At Cedar Springs Family Dentistry, one of the common things our patients ask us about is how they can make their teeth a little straighter. These are some of the scenarios we hear our patients say:

“I had braces as a teenager but I didn’t wear my retainers so my teeth have shifted.”

“My teeth were never that bad as a kid so I never had braces, but now that I'm an adult I’d like to straighten my smile.”

“My teeth are getting more crowded as I get older!”

Whatever the reason, Suresmile Aligners have been a wonderful solution for our patients.

What is Suresmile?

Suresmile has been serving patients for nearly two decades. Originally a company that worked solely with orthodontists to robotically bend archwires for traditional braces, they grew and transitioned to digital aligner therapy we work with today.

At Cedar Spring Family Dentistry we pair Suresmile software with the Primescan to create a digital model and treatment plan. Our patients are able to see what their teeth will look like before they even commit to treatment.

How are SureSmile Aligners different from other clear aligners?

While there are several similarities between popular clear aligner brands on the market, SureSmile uses proprietary software paired with Digital Lab experts to support our office in crafting your unique treatment plan for a straighter smile.

  • Less refinements - When your aligner treatment is complete there is less of a chance that you will need additional aligners to get your desired results.
  • Aligner material is clear and less visible than competing brands.
  • Unique Essix® ACE aligner plastic material designed to stay comfortable and clear throughout use
  • Uses industry leader in dental plastics for aligner fabrication
  • Rigorous 6-step quality check reviewed by clinical experts for every case
  • One-on-one consults with dental professionals providing expert clinical advice and answers to your questions
  • Digital Data Stream shortens the time from planning to treatment
  • Uses digital scan to produce images in place of impression trays
  • Laser trimmed aligners with polished edges allow for more precise fit and comfort

So many of our patients have had the opportunity to see what Suresmile can do for their smile. We’d love to show you your new smile also! Come visit us today for a consultation and see how Suresmile can provide a straighter, more naturally aligned smile that you’ve been hoping for!

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