The Importance of Scheduling year-end Appointments

The Importance of Scheduling year-end Appointments

September 21st, 2020

As we approach the end of 2020, it’s time to begin catching up on all health matters. Fall is a great time to schedule year-end appointments and have your health status evaluated. This includes eye exams, dental exams, dental treatments, routine physicals, and the list goes on.

Schedule Your Dental Visit

For any number of reasons, we procrastinate when it comes to caring for ourselves. Have you possibly delayed dental treatment such as a crown, filling, root canal, denture, partial or implant? With the rush of the holiday season on the horizon, fall is a great time to schedule a visit with Cedar Spring Family Dentistry for one of these services.

Many patients do not realize dental benefits must be used within the calendar year. Say your benefits run from January 1-December 31, on January 1, 2021 your benefits reset. Meaning if you have $2000 allotted within the calendar year and you have used $200, the unused portion of $1800 goes unused and is forfeited back to the insurance company. Don’t have dental benefits? Check out our latest blog about the Cedar Spring Dental Group plan.

The reason we recommend completing treatment within this year, is because the future is uncertain. Should you have a dental emergency in January 2021, you have then used the renewed benefit and have 11 months without benefits. It just makes sense to have any recommended treatment completed prior to benefits expiring. Don’t start 2021 with a broken tooth or active infection.

Give us a call at Cedar Spring to schedule any missed appointments or dental needs for you and your family. After 2020, we need to do everything we can to move into 2021 the best we can be!

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