Bling for the Holidays!

Bling for the Holidays!

By Carolyn Holmes

December 17th, 2019

What’s all the hype regarding whiter teeth? There’s toothpaste, charcoal powders, rinsing, lights, gels, pens and the newest, apple cider vinegar. The list of ways to supposedly whiten your teeth goes on and on….so how do you choose? Which one really works? Are they safe? What results can you expect?

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Why whiten your teeth?

The reason patients normally give for wanting to whiten their teeth is that they feel like their teeth are looking old. Over time, teeth begin to stain, and minor, superficial lines on the teeth, called craze lines, often increase as we get older. Having whiter teeth can take years off your age, maker patients appear younger and healthier.

Which ingredients actually work to whiten teeth?

Let’s begin by discussing active ingredients in teeth-whitening products, as that’s where results typically come from. The leading over-the-counter active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, followed by baking soda. These are marketed as very expensive products in toothpaste, rinses, etc. The marketing team adds a few ingredients, gives them a scientific name, and the product increases in value to the consumer. Many times, however, these products can cause recession, sensitivity, irritation of the soft tissue and pitting of the teeth. It’s often difficult to control or predict the end result. At the end of the day, your final results are typically only a few shades whiter.

Over-the-counter vs. professional teeth whitening

What about the active ingredient in professional whitening products? The main staple of these products is usually carbamide peroxide combined with potassium nitrate (to calm the nerve), and fluoride, which counteracts the minor weakening effect of whitening products on the enamel. Professional products are less abrasive and remove more intrinsic (inside of the tooth) and extrinsic (outside of the tooth) stain. The final results can be controlled by the patient, and shade changes of 8-9 shades may be expected.

Professional whitening systems in our office include impressions for custom trays, Venus White Pro System and professional instructions. We also offer systems with thin films or with general trays. Any of these systems would make a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, graduation, when you feel like spoiling yourself a little, and many other occasions (think parties, weddings, reunions, etc.).

So if you’ve been considering teeth whitening, take the professional route, and visit our office to find the solution that’s best for you – or for the friends and family in your life.

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