New Year, New You!

By Carolyn Holmes

January 28th, 2020

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year again, when we make promises to ourselves, resolutions for a new, better us. We often want to improve ourselves or reinvent who we are. We look in the mirror, we see that special person peering back at us, and we are looking for changes.

What did last year do to us? What did we do with last year?

A closer look makes us realize the person starring back at us is yet another year older. And while that might inspire us to make some changes, we may wonder if anything will really make a difference.

Your teeth show your age (or hide it!)

Did you know your teeth can actually make you appear years older or years younger?

Our first impression to the world is often our smile. But as we age, our teeth age with us. If you drink coffee, smoke or have smoked in the past, or perhaps have been guilty of not caring for your teeth as you should have, then your teeth will show it, with stains, yellowing, chipping or other noticeable traits.

Think about how old your teeth are, they how well they have served you well. Maybe, just maybe, it’s their turn for an upgrade. We tend to upgrade our homes, we buy new cars, new furniture, and more…so perhaps now is the time to upgrade your smile.

New year, new smile upgrade

If this is the year for you to improve the appearance of your teeth, Cedar Spring Family Dental is here to help you with recommendations, solutions and ideas.

The next time you are watching TV, reading a magazine, or even talking with a friend or neighbor, and their smile catches your eye, and you find yourself thinking, I wish my teeth/smile looked like that—know that it can! Changes can be as simple as whitening your smile all the way to full mouth reconstruction. The possibilities are endless for us to create the smile you desire. Simply bring us a photo of the smile you would like to have, a picture of yourself when you were younger, or a celebrity you admire. Our office is staffed with professionals that can offer suggestions to provide the dental treatments to help you get that smile you want.

We also have the latest technology on the market today. We can fix as little as that one front tooth to your entire mouth. We can create the teeth you have always dreamed of, making them just the right color, length, shape, size and thickness to make you feel confident.

We also offer a wax up. In this process, we scan a model and send it to a lab to create your smile to your liking. The lab will be instructed by our doctors on design. Together they work to create a model for you to see and decide on prior to the final restoration stage. This allows our patients to full understand the process and make any adjustments prior to having work completed.

With all that said, what are you waiting for? Let’s team up, making 2020 your best year ever! Let us give you a reason to smile today!

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