New Year, New Smile

New Year, New Smile

January 31st, 2019

Happy 2019! If you’re like many people, you’ve made some resolutions to make this year the best one ever. Research shows that the majority of people make resolutions related to improving their health and appearance (such as losing weight or exercising more), or increasing self care (such as getting more sleep or taking up meditation). Many other resolutions are related to saving money and being more social. At Cedar Spring Family Dentistry, we know we can help you achieve many of these resolutions. Yes – your dentist can be a key part of making 2019 great!

Improve health: See the dentist

Dental care is a key component to overall health care, but it’s one that often goes ignored. The Mayo Clinic calls oral health “a window to your overall health.” The mouth is a window because it can show that your body is fighting diseases like diabetes, HIV or other systemic diseases. Poor dental health can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, and severe gum disease has been linked to heart disease, heart infections, and premature birth.

A visit to the dentist can remove plaque, reverse gum disease, and get you on track for a healthier year. Don’t delay: make an appointment today.

Improve appearance and confidence: See the dentist

Beyond improving your overall health, a visit to the dentist can help you look and feel better. Cedar Spring Family Dentistry offers a variety of dental services that can help align your teeth, make them more uniform, improve your bite, replace or repair chipped teeth, and in general make your smile look beautiful yet natural. We can reduce any pain or sensitivity in your mouth and make your smile look and feel better.

We also offer several options for teeth whitening, which is a quick and simple way to quickly improve your smile and increase your confidence. Whether your teeth are severely stained or just a bit off color, we can help you find the right teeth-whitening treatment to do in the office or at home. See our teeth whitening plans here.

Save money: See the dental savings plan

We understand that many people put off going to the dentist due to financial concerns. That’s why we have a compassionate, helpful staff ready to help you get the most from your dental or medical insurance plans. For those without insurance, we offer the Cedar Spring Dental Group, a health savings program that offers extensive dental care for one flat fee.

Learn more about the Dental Group plan

There are no excuses to skip the dentist in 2019. We are here to help you be healthier, look healthier, smile more and feel great. Whether you are a regular dental patient or if you’ve been putting off a visit for years, we’re here to help you have a brighter year.

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